Accessing your control panel (cpanel) #1

You can access your domain cPanel using following URL's:


Note: Replace yoursite.com with your actual domain name.

You will be asked to enter your username and password which you can find in your account setup email under the "General Account Information" section. Once you login to control panel you can create email accounts, sub domains, MySql Databases and much more. To learn about cpanel features please follow the cPanel Manuals link under the 'Support' menu item.

Uploading your website files to the server #2


Make sure you upload your files to the public_html or www directory on the server; otherwise they will not be visible on the Internet. Also, please be sure that your homepage is saved as an "index" file e.g., index.php, index.html, index.htm, etc.

We suggest you download some advanced ftp client such as FileZilla, WS-FTP, or SmartFTP to manage your files quickly if you do not already have an ftp client, or you can use the File Manager inside your control panel and or a web-based Online FTP Client such as http://www.net2ftp.com.

Before uploading through your FTP software, it requires the following details.

FTP SERVER NAME: ftp.yoursite.com or Server IP (Can be found in your welcome email)
USERNAME: Your control panel username (Can be found in your Account setup letter)
PASSWORD: password

Note: Replace yoursite.com with your actual domain name

Your home page must be placed in the "public_html" directory and must be named "index.htm", "index.html" or "index.php". This is the file that the server looks for when someone types your URL: http://www.yoursite.com in their Web browser.

Setting Up Email Accounts #3

If you wish to have an e-mail address associated with your site, like info@yoursite.com , you should create a mailbox. To do this:

1. In your browser type in your control panel URL: http://yoursite.com/cpanel
2. Login with the control panel credentials (Can be found in your Account setup letter).
3. Go to Mail and click Add New Mail Account. Follow the instructions or our built-in tutorial can guide you through the process.

Now your mailbox is created and you can set up your favourite e-mail program so as to receive and send e-mail messages through your new mailbox.

Now, the mailbox is created has been set up in Cpanel. To enter it, the mailbox owner should visit the URL

http://webmail.yoursite.com , type his or her e-mail address into the Login box, type the password for the mailbox into the Password box, and then click Login.


HelpDesk #4


If you require assistance please contact our Technical Support Team by submitting a support ticket. We will be happy to assist you. All support requests MUST

be done using our ticket support system, which can be accessed at:


NB: You could also obtain support by sending an email to: sales@ugandasoft.net